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Windows Latest software reviews (Windows): Softonic

Windows Windows Latest software reviews (Windows) (Windows): Softonic

  • Opera Browser 52.0.2871.99-Opera - the virtual private network user's browser?

    Opera is a free web browser which functions in much the same way as other browsers, but it has a handy free VPN feature which makes it stand out.

    Why choose Opera software instead of other browsers?

    Of course, having a virtual private network (VPN) between computer terminals is nothing new, but doing so through a browser is. With Opera software, many other web browsers are left standing in the blocks when it comes to offering this sort of feature. Although alternative browsers - such as Google's much-lauded Chrome, for instance – will allow you to download extensions to provide VPNs, Opera's approach has been to build this sort of functionality into the product from the get-go. It is ideal for anyone who wants to be able to connect securely to certain web-based services in a manner which cannot be snooped on by prying eyes. What's more, users don't have to pay for a VPN while it is used nor do they need to cough up for an annual subscription fee. It's all 'in the box'. When connected to the internet via a private broadband connection, this probably won't make a big difference to your browsing. However, if you access sensitive websites, like your online banking apps, via a publicly available Wi-Fi connection, then the VPN will shield your communications from anyone else who has access to the data passing back and forth.

    Using the browser

    Opera's many features are laid out simply. Getting to use the popular VPN feature is intuitive, for example. All you need to do is to confirm the 'Enable VPN' option under the browser's security and privacy settings. Visual bookmarks and tab cycling help to keep track of all the websites you might have opened at any one time, but not read fully. This makes it a very handy tool for people who do lots of online research and might need to revisit partially read articles, for instance. The browser comes with what the developers call a 'Turbo Feature' which is easily accessed, too. This is designed to upload websites to your device's screen extremely rapidly due to some nifty data compression techniques. It should even put your power consumption under less stress making your battery last longer into the bargain. Another handy feature which is easy to enable is a currency converter function. This is ideal for comparing prices when shopping online, especially if you are looking for that special something on overseas websites. Lastly, Opera software makes for a pop-up advertisement-free environment. Ideal if you don't like lots of ads getting in the way of what you are actually searching for, the maker's claim that by far the majority of annoying ads are prevented from popping on to your screen and slowing your computer down as a result. On the developer's website you will find more information around this browser.

    Does Opera's web software make browsing better?

    Although many of the features offered by this clever little browser are available with other sorts of software, the key is that many of them are included from the start. You don't need to go searching for suitable extensions made by third-party software developers and hope that they will work reliably. This package is much more of a one-stop-shop and perfect for anyone wanting to enable VPNs when they are out and about. 

    Download Opera Browser 52.0.2871.99 in Softonic

  • Format Factory ultimate free conversion software for PC

    Format Factory is a free multifunctional converter software that's able to convert all types of video, audio and image files. Complete, powerful and free, it's a must-have conversion tool.

    Conversions galore

    Before transferring files onto a mobile device (like iPhone, iPad, or Android), console (PS3, Xbox 360 and PSP) or burning them onto a disc for playback on a TV or sound system, it might be necessary to convert them into formats that are compatible with the device in question.

    Format Factory is a comprehensive piece of software that lets you convert almost any file format. For files featuring multiple media formats, Format Factory can handle it all, including audio, video, and images, as well as offering a multitude of choices for the output format. It also lets you adjust the encoding quality of your files between low, medium and high.

    With Format Factory, you also get some bonus features, including extracting the contents of a CD or DVD onto your PC, as well as an option to merge video and audio files.

    How does it work?

    To convert files with Format Factory, everything happens in a column on the left-hand side of the interface. This allows you to select the destination type (audio, video, image) and which codec you'd like to use. For video conversions, we'd recommend using the "Mobile Device" option, which guides you in choosing the format according to the device you own.

    Format Factory lets you add files to batch convert for convenience. Few advanced options are available, and as a result, only minimal adjustments can be made, although this means that it's easy to use. Complete help for beginners is also available, which explains the features of the software.

    Format Factory is also available in 62 languages, and you can customize its interface with 4 different skins. For those who don't want to install it on their PC, you can download the mobile version, to use with a USB key, for example.


    If you want to convert files for playback on your mobile phone, tablet, console, a CD, a DVD or an E-reader, or if you're simply looking for a comprehensive software that converts just about any type of file, Format Factory is the ideal solution. If you are looking for another free alternative, we recommend you to download HandBrake, also available for Mac.

    Download Format Factory in Softonic

  • IObit Malware Fighter anti-malware & antivirus specialized in ransomware

    IObit Malware Fighter is a free anti-malware and antivirus program that offers total protection to your PC against ransomware and malicious files of all types. It works from an online database constantly updated and intuitively uses the system resources without affecting its performance or speed. Without any doubt, it’s a highly recommendable option.

    A powerful and free anti-malware & antivirus program

    Every day, any computer connected to the Internet faces hundreds of threats. Therefore, having a program like IObit Malware Fighter seems fundamental. The latest version of this software has increased its analysis speed by 130% compared to the previous one and manages the computer resources very efficiently. It makes special emphasis on ransomware, that is, in those malicious programs that hijack information on your drives and demand a ransom to allow you access them again. On the other hand, it’s very reliable when protecting the user’s security and private information thanks to its ongoing running system without using too many resources. It also includes ad-block and anti-tracking protection filters and Safe Box as additional options for the user. Not to mention it guarantees complete safety when web browsing and file downloading.

    A simple and very friendly interface

    The developers of IObit have created a simple and user-friendly user interface. This has been designed with a black background and elements in green and red which differentiate the areas that are protected from those that are not. Once the program is installed, the user can run it, after which a half window will open in which it will appear. To double check if your system is safe, you can run a quick scan with a single click. On the left-hand side of the screen, there is a menu with all the additional options available. Here you can perform a more elaborate scan, check the web for any pending updates or enter the shared resources center. There is also a tab to access additional program features.

    Maximum protection cost-free for your PC

    There is no doubt that IObit Malware Fighter is a very complete and effective antivirus software. In fact, it has been offering protection against malicious files to thousands of users for more than a decade. In this sense, Its 'anti-ransomware' is considered to be amongst the most powerful ones in the market. The problems generated by viruses like WannaCry to many users highlight the importance of being protected. In addition, it’s highly efficient using very few resources and guarantees data protection. And, all this, free of charge. You can't ask for more. 

    Download IObit Malware Fighter in Softonic

  • PDF Download for Firefox per Firefox-Choose how to open PDF files in Firefox for free

    There is nothing that annoys me more in Firefox when a PDF document tries to open and crashes the browser. That was until I tried PDF Download, a free add-on.

    PDF Download prevents this problem ever arising by allowing you to control exactly how and when PDF files are opened or downloaded. Instead of opening PDF files "blind" which is currently the case, PDF Download lets you know exactly how big it is with options of whether to convert it, open it, download it or convert to HTML. PDF Download stops the annoying problem of PDF files taking ages to open - especially big ones. With PDF Download, you can see instantly whether it's a big file, in which case, it's advisable to download it for reading later as opening a big PDF file is like waiting for Christmas to arrive sometimes.

    The PDF Download plugin usually presents you with 3 options unless you've instructed it to do the same thing by default all the time - convert the PDF to HTML, download the PDF or open the PDF in the browser. One bonus with PDF Download, that perhaps separates it from others, is that it's not just limited to Adobe Reader. PDF Download also works with alternative programs such as Foxit Reader, Nitro PDF, and other PDF readers although to be honest, if you're using Foxit, you won't find much use for PDF Download anyway as it opens PDF files much more smoothly than Adobe Reader.

    PDF Download is an excellent PDF tool which will result in fewer Firefox crashes although not everytime as it still seems susceptible to crashes when opening PDF files in the browser.

    Download PDF Download for Firefox per Firefox in Softonic

  • Battlefield V 1.0-Cool Game for Action Fans

    Battlefield V is the fifth instalment in the very popular Battlefield series of games. This time around the action takes place during World War II, which promises to make the battle scenes feel more realistic and engaging than ever before.

    Get Ready to Go to Battle

    This time around, the game goes back to its roots and promises to allows players to experience World War II like never before. The action starts with the Fall of Europe and in addition to searching for the enemy and taking them out as quickly as possible, players are also given a number of other tasks to complete such as creating shelters and searching for food, although some of these tasks are more interesting than others and there is no way to fast forward through the duller parts of the game.

    Becoming the Perfect Soldier

    Anyone who is a fan of the Battlefield franchise and is looking for a fresh challenge should make sure that they check out Battlefield V. creating and customising your own soldier can be a lot of fun, while there is plenty of game play variation to keep players on their toes and make sure that they keep coming back for more.

    Download Battlefield V 1.0 in Softonic

  • 4x4 Offroad Race 1.35-Free Game for Racing Fans

    4x4 Offroad Race is a racing game that comes with an interesting twist. As the name suggests, the action takes place off-road rather than on slick professional racing tracks and players are provided with a stylish 4x4 vehicle to put through its paces.

    Get Your Motor Running

    Many of the races in 4x4 Offroad Race take place at night in story conditions. Although this can be interesting at times, racing in the dark means that players are unable to enjoy the cool scenery that many racing tracks are blessed with. Players usually start the race at the back of the line-up and because the tracks tend to be very narrow it can be rather difficult to overtake the other vehicles, although the ability to jump over cars and go off the track without penalties is a nice touch.

    Ready, Set, Wait

    Anyone who is a fan of 4x4 vehicles and is looking for a new challenge is likely to have fun playing 4x4 Offroad Race. however, the game does not offer the same fast paced thrill as many other racing games and this is likely to be a bit of a letdown to some players and send them searching for something that will get their adrenaline pumping.

    Download 4x4 Offroad Race 1.35 in Softonic

  • Don't Starve Together-Cool Game for Survival Fans

    Don't Starve Together is an expansion of the popular survival game Don't Starve. This time around the game has been created as a multiplayer system so that groups of friends can take on the challenge together and see if they have what it takes to stay alive.

    Survival at its Finest

    The game play and overall concept of Don't Starve Together is basically the same as the originally. However, this time the maps are randomly generated, which adds plenty of replay value and players can never be sure what is going to come next. There are hundreds of different items that can be collected and crafted into tools and weapons that will help them to survive, while the chance to work together with friends helps to make the game much more engaging.

    Try Not to Starve

    Anyone who enjoys playing Don't Starve and wants the chance to challenge their friends is sure to enjoy playing Don't Starve Together. Although the game can be very tough to master at times, having buddies by your side can help make the going easier, especially when it comes to forming strategies and there are plenty of surprises in store that help to add a whole new dimension to the game.

    Download Don't Starve Together in Softonic

  • Duplicate Media Finder 3.002-

    Download Duplicate Media Finder 3.002 in Softonic

  • Mogicons 3.4.0-Free Add-On for Facebook Users

    Mogicons is a special extension that allows Facebook users to access a huge collection of special emoticons that they can use in the comments section of Facebook posts. These emoticons are not usually available and provide users with various different ways to transform their comments.

    Expressing Yourself Clearly

    As soon as people download Mogicons they will discover a special icon that is added to their Facebook page. When a friend updates their status or shares something interesting they will be able to add the Mogicon of their choice and as there are more than two hundred different ones to choose from it can be fun to find the perfect one. However, the fact that the emoticons cannot be used in private chat messages or on personal status updates makes the add-on rather limited and this limitation is likely to be rather frustrating to some people.

    A New Way to Comment

    People who enjoy using Facebook and wish to add colourful emoticons to their comments are likely to enjoy using Mogicons. However, it should be noted that the software has been created as an extension for Google Chrome and anyone who is not using Chrome will be unable to take advantage of it, at least for now.

    Download Mogicons 3.4.0 in Softonic

  • RealMYST Masterpiece Edition-A fantastic graphic adventure puzzle game

    You are a stranger that finds a special book that allows you to travel to the island of Myst. Once you arrive on this enchanted island, you must solve puzzles and travel to other worlds which are called Ages. You must explore these worlds and find clues that will reveal the history of the game’s characters.

    Create your own ending

    Once you get used to looking through the special book, you will find that placing your hand on the last page, transports you to the world that is being described in a certain section of the book. There’s also a library, where you can discover two more books that expand game-play even further. The game can end in several different ways, depending on the course of action you choose to take. The game allows you to immerse to yourself into a mystical and surreal fictional world. A multitude of real time 3D controls and options allow you to stay engaged in game-play. You also have the option to play the game just like the original Myst, simply point and click.

    A great sequel

    There are lots of new features that improve and help you along your journey into this mystifying game. A surreal plethora of environments will keep you busy for hours on end.

    Download RealMYST Masterpiece Edition in Softonic

  • MSG to PST Converter 3.0-

    Download MSG to PST Converter 3.0 in Softonic

  • The Broken Seal varies-with-device-A free game for windows

    The Broken Seal is a free game for Windows that belongs to the category Action, and has been developed by XAREA. This game is available in English.

    Download The Broken Seal varies-with-device in Softonic

  • IObit Uninstaller Must-Have Uninstaller Program for your PC

    IObit Uninstaller, as the name indicates, is a software tool that helps remove installed software from your computer. The tool makes sure your computer is devoid of unwanted programs and plugins, helping make your PC cleaner and faster.

    Use and Significance

    Most computers have multiple software programs installed, with only a few being in active use. These programs aren’t just occupying storage space but they also affect your system's performance. Malicious toolbars and plug-ins added to your browser could amass your personal data for illegal use. Some of these tools could even redirect you to phishing websites. A typical uninstall would not delete a program in its entirety. There certainly would be some leftovers, which IObit Uninstaller would take care of. IObit Uninstaller not just cleans the slate completely but also does that at a fairly good speed.

    Working Mechanism

    The tool works by creating a point of system restore as a backup. It then runs a program’s default installer. The computer is then scanned for leftover entries and files, which are subsequently deleted. Please note, there's no need to go through the process. If uninstalling specific programs is all you need, you can choose this option. File shredding and a few other functionalities are optional. The app shows a list of installed apps with checkboxes. By just checking the apps you don’t want and hitting the “uninstall” button, the app automatically removes all your unwanted applications.

    Download IObit Uninstaller in Softonic

  • Assetto Corsa V1-Get a Realistic Racing Experience with Assetto Corsa

    Assetto Corsa is a racing simulator designed to be as realistic as possible. Choose from a number of real-life cars and race them along famous tracks.

    A Racing Experience that Values Realism

    Assetto Corsa is built around a physics engine developed with input from a range of automobile professionals, so players will feel as though they are truly at the wheels of the big-name cars showcased in the game. In addition, the game's developers used laser scan technology to develop the tracks, thereby ensuring that they show a high level of fidelity to their real-life models. If you ever become tired of the focus on realism, then you are free to try out the fantasy-oriented tracks that are included as bonuses.

    A Wealth of Customisation Options

    As well as its meticulously accurate real-world content, Assetto Corsa allows players to customise both cars and tracks by importing custom content. Whether you are a dedicated hobbyist who wants to see their favourite real-life cars or tracks represented in the game, or simply want to have a bit of fun playing around with what Assetto Corsa has to offer, you will find plenty to enjoy when you get stuck into the game's customisation options.

    Download Assetto Corsa V1 in Softonic

  • MobileVOIP for Windows 10-Free VoIP Software for Personal Computers

    In order to avoid excess charges, individuals often use VoIP software to speak with friends and family. MobileVOIP for Windows 10 offers a host of user-friendly options and it is free to install.

    Features of a VoIP System

    MobileVOIP for Windows 10 employs what is known as voice over Internet Protocol. In other words, it utilizes a wireless connection in order to place a digital call. This can save a great deal of money and avoid potential long-distance charges. The audio and video feeds also tend to be quite clear; not always the case with traditional landlines. Additionally, a number of security features are used in order to avoid prying eyes during a transmission. Like many other VoIP providers, there is no charge to install this bundle.

    Additional User Information

    It is possible to access a number of free destinations when using MobileVOIP for Windows 10. If the intended recipient is not found within one of these areas, the calling rates are nonetheless dramatically reduced. This program is meant for personal computers and it will require 3.35 megabytes of free memory space.

    Download MobileVOIP for Windows 10 in Softonic

  • Pacman for Windows 10 Game for Arcade Fans

    Pacman for Windows 10 is a popular arcade game that has been recreated for Windows 10. Players take on the role of the bright yellow Pacman and steer it through a maze to munch a collection of dots, staying away from the pesky ghosts who want to eat Pacman.

    Gobbling up the Dots

    For people who remember playing the game in the ‘90s, Pacman for Windows 10 Will need little introduction. Even people who are new to the game will find that getting to grips with it is very easy. Trying to get the timing right on munching the special pills so that the ghosts can be safely eaten can be a lot of fun and there are various fruits and other power ups to look out for that will help players to get a high score that they can share to challenge their friends.

    Stay Away from the Ghosts

    People who enjoy arcade games are sure to have a lot of fun playing Pacman for Windows 10. Although the graphics different slightly from the original, the game play is exactly the same and it is possible to spend several hours running through the mazes and trying not to become ghost food.

    Download Pacman for Windows 10 in Softonic

  • Fantasy Versus Varies with device-A full version game for windows

    Fantasy Versus is a full version game for Windows that belongs to the category Action, and has been developed by Animu Game. This game is available in English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese and Chinese.

    Download Fantasy Versus Varies with device in Softonic

  • SoftMaker FreeOffice 2016-Free and Powerful Alternative to Microsoft Office

    Although Microsoft Office is an amazingly functional tool, there are times when an alternative may be required. SoftMaker FreeOffice offers similar levels of functionality.

    Main Features and Benefits

    SoftMaker FreeOffice can be used in the event that the user wishes to update current software or if the original Microsoft product key has been lost. It offers many similar functions such as word processing and editing. However, one of its main advantages is that files can be shared with Microsoft Office users without needing to export them first. All of the most common modern file formats are supported and it is possible to change the layout of the main screen in order to accommodate different requirements. Additionally, the software has been optimized to be used in conjunction with devices powered by touchscreens. There is no limit in regards to how long this program can be used for.

    More than a Word Processor

    SoftMaker FreeOffice is also excellent when the user needs to format presentations or to create spreadsheets. One-touch functionality requires little prior experience. There is no charge to download and install this program.

    Download SoftMaker FreeOffice 2016 in Softonic

  • Landwirtschafts-Simulator 2012 (Farming Simulator) (Metro App)-Cool Game for Simulation Fans

    Landwirtschafts-Simulator 2012 is a version of the popular simulation game that has been created especially for the mobile gaming community. The game is also known as Farming Simulator and as the name suggests, players are provided with their own farm to take care of and transform by planting and harvesting different types of crops.

    Down on the Farm

    Although becoming a farmer is not something that is likely to appeal to many gamers, Landwirtschafts-Simulator 2012 manages to be surprisingly engaging. In addition to planting and harvesting crops, the game also features a number of tactical elements such as setting and rising the price of crops at certain times, which will help them to increase the size of their farm. There are also several different types of vehicles to drive and various gaming elements that need to be balanced in the right way to achieve success.

    Getting Your Hands Dirty

    With its pretty much useless tutorial, rather clumsy controls and game physics that could use a little recalibrating, Landwirtschafts-Simulator 2012 is far from perfect. However, people who enjoy playing simulation games are likely to find that the game is rather engaging and addictive and this is a pleasant way to spend a cold and dark winter’s evening.

    Download Landwirtschafts-Simulator 2012 (Farming Simulator) (Metro App) in Softonic

  • Sudoku Free for Windows 10-Bundle of Free Sudoku Puzzles for Smartphones and Personal Computers

    The game of Sudoku is able to provide untold hours of entertainment. Sudoku Free is a perfect application for anyone who is a fan of this ancient numerical puzzle.

    Main Game Features and Functions

    Sudoku Free is a basic software application that provides users with standard gaming boards. There are also three different levels of difficulty to choose from, so both beginners and experts are able to further hone their skills. The layout itself is extremely straightforward and players can select the appropriate number from a calculator-style grid found at the bottom of the page. There is also a button that allows the user to correct a mistake. A Help icon can be activated in the event that the player requires a hint or wishes to understand the game in more detail.

    Additional Technical Information

    Sudoku Free will require just over 30 megabytes of free memory space in order to work properly. It is designed to function with the majority of Windows-based operating systems and it can be downloaded at absolutely no charge. In-app advertisements will be presented from time to time.

    Download Sudoku Free for Windows 10 in Softonic