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Windows Latest software reviews (Windows): Softonic

Windows Windows Latest software reviews (Windows) (Windows): Softonic

Windows Windows Latest software reviews (Windows) (Windows): Softonic

  • Dark Souls III Dark Souls 3-Prepare to tri?

    Retaining the same difficulty, style, and tone as the rest of the franchise, Dark Soul III continues From Software’s medieval fantasy, action-RPG series.

    Dark Souls III is the conclusion of the trilogy – though interviews with director Hidetaka Miazaki (via VG247) have confirmed that this won’t mean the end of the franchise.

    Back to its roots

    Dark Souls III’s story revolves around the Lord of Cinder. This calls back to the first Dark Souls, once again picking up the theme of fire, darkness, and cycles.

    This more explicit referencing of original Dark Souls lore could be Hidetaka Miazaki influence. The original game’s director has returned to co-directing this third installment. This will be good news for some fans, who cited his absence as a weakness for Dark Souls II.

    In keeping with this, Dark Souls III maintains the franchise's signature fantasy style of desiccated beauty - a once gorgeous world now collapsing, and shrouded in shadow. This is clear from the outset, with every richly designed environment seeming to be overgrown and crumbling as embers float through the world and a dim, dying sun sets in the distance.

    Dark Souls III’s land of Lothric is a more linear world than previous games. Though there are some branches, the critical path through the story feels far more direct. There is a hub area, that is reminiscent of Demon’s Souls', but returning to it using the Travel option at bonfires feels more like going back to the beginning rather than providing an exciting place to explore from.

    Once more into the darkness

    In terms of gameplay, From Software seems to have learned from the weapon system that it introduced in its PlayStation exclusive title, Bloodborne. While the combat remains heavy and paced - with patience and defensive play still a virtue – Dark Souls III feels faster.

    It also introduces a new magic system that ties spells and miracles to a mana bar. This is consumed as you play, but can be topped up with a new Ashen Estus Flask. This works identically to the health regenerating Estus Flask seen in previous games, but now you must decide the balance of uses you have in each. Yes, you can trade health for mana, allowing magic users to play more aggressively.

    The mana bar and Ashen Flask are also used by more melee focused fighters. New combat styles and stances are available for every weapon and consume mana to use. This adds more variety to fights, with substantive differences between weapons increasing tactical options.

    For example, a light Rapier’s unique stance allows for fast execution of multiple moves. By comparison, a Great Sword lets you shoulder charge, before launching opponents in to the air with a powerful upward swing.

    Burning bright

    Dark Souls III carries on the series lineage brilliantly. Evolving the combat mechanics utilizing everything learned across its games, From Software has created new dynamics within the familiar system that should force everyone think. Combine this with a less obtuse story - that ties together threads that fans have been pondering for years - and you have a game that is perfect for veterans while also managing to be accessible for newcomers.

    Download Dark Souls III Dark Souls 3 in Softonic

  • HyperTerminal Private Edition (HTPE) 7.0-A complete and free HyperTerminal for Windows

    Download HyperTerminal Private Edition (HTPE) 7.0 in Softonic

  • Titanfall 2-New first person shooter from Electronic Arts

    Electronic Art's Titanfall was a monumental success, now experience the follow up sequel that is sure to make the same impact: Titanfall 2. Pick up your weapons, call down your massive Titan war machine and join the battle on the frontier! Better options, improved graphics and more customization makes this Titanfall the best Titanfall yet!

    Massive feature and customization upgrade from the original

    The Titan fall franchise puts the player on Frontier, a newly found and developing planet on the fringes of space. Complete objectives and fight in a first person view from a first person perspective with a variety of tools, weapons and abilities. Fight the fight on foot, or else up your game by calling down a massive Titan from space. Titans are giant robotic war machines featuring devastating weapons and defenses. Pilot the Titan directly, or give them commands remotely as you follow on foot using your personal skills. Combat in Titanfall 2 is fast, furious and brutal. In the original, play was limited to online matches, now a single player campaign and story mode have been added to flesh out Frontier and give more options for play. Level your character up, unlock new equipment and one of nine titans, six of them brand new. Customize your player with new abilities to successfully complete objectives. play through the battle how you want and help decide the battle for Frontier!

    Looks and sounds better than everything else

    Titanfall 2 is a AAA title by Electronic Arts and as such has graphics and production value on par with the very best in the industry. Smooth game play and incredible abilities allow your player to literally go anywhere they can see inside the confines of the map. Multiple maps to play are all gorgeous with destructible environments which will, inevitably, be destroyed. Stare in wonder as Titan's heavy weapons lay waste to enemies and buildings alike. The effects and sound track are all spot on giving the player a visceral gaming experience. Now more cosmetic customization options are available as well, nose art and colors for your titans as well as your own personal equipment. When you take to the field of battle, you will look the way you want as well as play the way you want. All upgrades are un-lockable by playing the game. Each map is varied and detailed, making both single player and online match-ups beautiful to behold. This is one great looking game


    Titanfall 2 is a state of the art first person shooter with advancement made in every area from it's predecessor. More customization, more weapon options, more maps and a single player mode will make this game shine for more players than it attracted in its first iteration. Electronic Arts has created a fantastic game and an amazing game world. Pick your gear, summon your titan and join the fight!

    Download Titanfall 2 in Softonic

  • Guedin's Attack on Titan Fan Game 0.1.1-Fight in co-op against hordes of titan!

    Download Guedin's Attack on Titan Fan Game 0.1.1 in Softonic

  • The Joy of Creation: Reborn TJoC:R Demo Preview-Thrills and frights aplenty with the Joy of Creation Reborn

    A free roaming PC game, The Joy of Creation Reborn is not for the faint of heart because it will shock and scare even the toughest and most hardened of players. Based on 'Five Night at Freddy’s', the action takes place in a gloomy house at night when it is difficult to see everything that is going on.

    Immersive game play

    Reminiscent of the spookiest parts of a horror movie, where the central character explores an area where you know the outcome is not going to be great, the action in The Joy of Creation Reborn is all displayed in the first person. The full screen is devoted to game play with only an overlay in the top left which displays the key stats of the level you happen to be on. The basic principle is to try to survive while being hunted down by an animatronic or other characters, but there are plenty of things to keep you occupied as the game play progresses.

    The Joy of Creation Reborn really makes you feel that you are being tracked down in an all-encompassing environment that is likely to put you on edge, if not downright scare you. With only a limited view, anything that you come across as you explore the gaming area seems as though it could be a threat. The idea of each location in the game is that it offers a new and different space to search through. And search through you must, because there are a number of objects to find to complete each game objective, or level. The game also offers a Survival Mode, where you simply try to hang on in the location for as long as you possibly can. The more you explore, the more there is to find and remember that not all of it is out there to shock you – although some certainly will.

    Graphics and technical information

    The graphics of this game are simply superb. Forget the average blocky graphics and animation of a typical download game – this is much more like watching a professionally made horror movie than playing a game. The thrills are enhanced by some incredibly spooky sounds and the customized music fof Nathan Hanover which fits in with the eerie atmosphere perfectly. Due to the high demands of the graphics and sound, a decent computer is essential. You'll need to run Windows 7 or higher and have a PC with a Quad-core Intel processor, or the AMD equivalent, running at 2.5 GHz or greater. At least 4 GB of RAM is recommended and your graphics card will, needless to say, have to be high quality.

    In summary

    This game is really not one for children or people that don't enjoy the shock factor of horror and gore. However, for fans who want to act out their fantasies of entering into a movie-like environment, then it is hard to beat. Whether you are avoiding a killer robot or searching for some much-needed light, the game is really easy into interface with. Download it right now and discover just how chilling a free roaming game can actually be these days.

    Download The Joy of Creation: Reborn TJoC:R Demo Preview in Softonic

  • LINE 5.9.0-Send messages and make free calls from your PC

    LINE is an instant messaging application and VoIP platform that lets you send messages and make free voice and video calls, and it has a Windows client so that you can do all it all from your PC.

    Free calling and messaging

    LINE’s main purpose is to help you communicate with your friends for free. Just like Skype, Facebook Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and many others, LINE lets you send free text messages and chat with friends who are also using this app; you can even start group chats. LINE also includes VoIP features allowing you to make voice and video calls.

    LINE aims to differentiate itself from the competition by adding features that will appeal to its younger users. In addition to the traditional messages and photo and audio sharing features, LINE includes many stickers which you can add to your conversations for a little fun. These emoticons will brighten the dullest conversations, and there are many more which can be downloaded.

    Its features also extend to a Timeline, which lets you record your life for all to see. Along with your messages, you can all so add photos for your followers to see and respond to.

    A simple interface to focus on the essentials

    The PC version of LINE comes with a minimalist interface. Three tabs give you access to your contact list, your current conversations, and lets you add new friends. The client is very easy to use, and to log in to the PC client, all you have to do is scan a QR code with your smartphone.

    If this all sounds a little too bland for you, don't worry because there is always the Theme Store to offer a little customization to your PC LINE experience.

    LINE for PC is the perfect extension for the mobile version. You can start a conversation on your smartphone and continue later on your computer.

    The perfect extension for the mobile version

    If you use LINE on your mobile, you’ll like the PC version because you’ll be able to enjoy the same features. It lets you access your LINE contacts and talk with them comfortably when you are home and using your PC.


    To use the PC version of LINE, you must have the LINE app installed on your mobile.

    Download LINE 5.9.0 in Softonic

  • SketchUp Pro 2015 15.3.331 64-bit-Powerful, professional, yet accessible 3D modeling software

    SketchUp Pro bucks the trend of expensive 3D modeling software such as 3DSMax and Cinema4D and presents a free, easy to use alternative with which you can even post your creations onto Google Earth for the world to see. The latest version has been integrated with Google Maps too so that geo-tagging your creations is easier than ever.

    This professional version of Sketchup is aimed at professionals who need CAD software that's high on power and features, and low on learning curves. It features some useful advantages over the basic version including ability to Export to CAD, add text and graphics to layouts and more advanced features.

    There's a refreshing lack of technical jargon in SketchUp Pro and unfamiliar terms to beginners such as the 'Extrude' tool have been renamed to the more obvious 'Push/Pull' for example. There are plenty of helpful hints and guides throughout too helping you get to grips with 'snapping' when you draw rectangles, circles and other shapes. Sketchup Pro intelligently predicts where you want endpoints to meet and snaps them shut for you, saving lots of time messing around.

    SketchUp Pro doesn't lack in functionality though despite its ease of use and includes all the usual collection of drawing and filling tools you'd expect, neatly accessible in the toolbar across the top of the screen. Instructor hints pop out on the right of the screen when it thinks you need them. Other options can be accessed via the menu system, or you can choose to place extra palettes on the workspace to save wading through menus. Of particular note is the 'Materials' palette, which contains over 100 different preset swatches, such as vegetation, metal and glass. The Shadow Settings palette is also worth keeping to hand, as it allows you to apply realistic shadows via simple sliders.

    The real fun however is when you export your SketchUp Pro drawings into Google Earth. You can send images of your 3D designs via email or upload them for free storage at Google's 3D Web Warehouse. Alternatively, you can geo-tag them in one-step using Google Maps which has now been integrated into Sketchup Pro. You receive a snapshot when you add a geo-location to your model which now includes 3D terrain data plus color aerial imagery.

    There are some problems with SketchUp Pro however. Most annoying is when trying to create domed surfaces because of the cumbersome nature of the Extrude tool, although pushing and pulling straight lines is considerably easier. However, the ability to export to CAD format means that anything you find tricky or difficult in Sketchup Pro, you can finish off in another application.

    SketchUp Pro provides a refreshingly simple approach to 3D graphic design while providing the power and CAD format export features that professionals need.

    Download SketchUp Pro 2015 15.3.331 64-bit in Softonic

  • MathType 6.9-An excellent equation editor compatible with Office

    Word processors have many limitations when it comes to editing mathematical formulas, but that does not mean we should stop using them. Ideally, you would use a complementary program to create equations and insert them in your documents.

    This what MathType does, a powerful equation editor that you can use with Office or on its own. MathType's strong points are the hundreds of symbols that are accessible from the keyboard, along with its compatibility with various systems for importing and exporting formulas, such as MathML, TeX or Texvc.

    With MathType, you can change or move any part of an equation. Nine tabs offer quick access to frequently used features, including those we add ourselves.

    You can completely customize MathType, from keyboard shortcuts to font style and its integration with Office is excellent, thanks to a special toolbar.

    Download MathType 6.9 in Softonic

  • Packwar (Pacman) 0.4-

    Download Packwar (Pacman) 0.4 in Softonic

  • Spiceworks IT Help Desk 7,4-The Spiceworks IT Help Desk is everything you need to run a legit IT help desk… with none of the hassle.

    Download Spiceworks IT Help Desk 7,4 in Softonic

  • SoundHound 3.1.5-

    Download SoundHound 3.1.5 in Softonic

  • Final Fantasy Brave Exvius-A new Tale of Crystals is out!

    Generations of role playing gamers in the 1990s and early 2000s cut their RPG teeth on the epic and groundbreaking Final Fantasy series. Now developers Square ENIX have developed and publishers Gumi have brought us FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS as an adventure featuring your favorite Final Fantasy protagonists like Terra, Cecil, Vaan and Vivi in an iOS and Android compatible, free to download touch screen version of this iconic RPG.

    The Final Fantasy world at your hands

    Players can traverse freely through a plethora of exotic locations, and descend into dungeons of danger to seek out key items, scarce treasures, concealed passageways, and pathways to exciting new destinations! You can interact with inhabitants of the fantastic world while embarking on perilous quests as you accumulate artifacts and the occasional reward! A world of crystals and the visions that slumber within. The game is based on the classic premise that mankind once prospered and enjoyed peace between nations. However, as the era of peace ended, an era of shadows commenced, as two knights began a quest, summoning visions on their epic journey to drive out the evil shadows, using new power of crystals to restore the golden age.

    Crystal Points galore!

    The game works on Android and iOS. It is compatible with hand held Apple devices like the iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone. Its rating is 12+, due to the moderate level of violence and garish fantasy entities depicted. Square Enix have commenced a huge worldwide registration drive for the game, offering players in-game situated rewards to all competitors who participated. The developers have allocated in excess of 10 million Crystal Points accrued over the course of the campaign, with the first five tiers of reward available along with one bonus in the initial phase.

    Pure addiction

    This FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS application is addictive. It is a must for fans of the classic SNES and PS1 Final Fantasy arcade style games, as well as the more elaborate desktop PC versions from the early 2000s. The storyline is genuinely imaginative and gripping, as befits a title in the Final Fantasy series. A new generation of RPG fans may also fall in love with the distinctive Japanese animation for the first time, just as previous gamers did in their time also.

    Download Final Fantasy Brave Exvius in Softonic

  • Hitman GO: Definitive Edition-A brilliant adaptation of the Hitman series

    Watch out, because Agent 47 is back. After a good quality multiplatform episode that lifted the veil on a more human aspect of his personality, he’s back on PC. This is a game of strategy and infiltration where you have to wait for your target without being noticed by the guards. In the style of a board game, the Hitman series succeeds brilliantly with a subtle and addictive game.

    Hitman with a turn-based strategy and great aesthetic

    With Hitman GO: Definitive Edition, Square Enix have taken the risk of moving away from the usual gameplay of the series. It's proven to be a winning bet, as the direction taken by the developer creates a great tactical turn-based strategy game.

    In each level, you’ll move Agent 47 on a game board trying to reach your goal without being seen. You move one space each turn as the guards will follow a predefined path (which you should carefully observe). It's a very good game system, which soon resembles a puzzle as the difficulty increases.

    Clean and clinical

    From the development point of view, Hitman GO is clean. The developers have opted to give the app a very successful ‘board game’ look. The characters and settings have a beautiful design and, while the stripped back look was original designed for mobile devices, it looks fantastic on larger screens.

    In each level, the optional targets (pick up a briefcase, complete with a time limit, or complete without killing) will let you collect more points, which you’ll then use to unlock additional levels. Not all levels will be accessible from the beginning though; you must earn enough points to unlock them.

    A very successful mobile adaptation of the Hitman series

    It speaks to the success of this mobile game's design that Agent 47 has done a complete loop around back to PC with Hitman GO: Definitive Edition. The system, designed to easily bring the franchise to mobile, manages to use puzzle and turn-based strategy elements that are completely in-keeping with the iconic Hitman action.

    Download Hitman GO: Definitive Edition in Softonic

  • Free WiFi Hotspot 3.6.2-Turn your laptop or notebook into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot to share your internet connections with others.

    Download Free WiFi Hotspot 3.6.2 in Softonic

  • Ponto Fácil 3.4.1-System for Digital Point Control Staff

    Download Ponto Fácil 3.4.1 in Softonic

  • The Witch's House-There's no Hansel, and probably no Gretel either

    The Witch's House is a free game, developed in Japan and rendered in English by an expert translator who specializes in games like it. From a 2D, top-down perspective, it tells the story of a young girl named Viola who is forced to enter, and then escape, the horrific and dangerous house of a witch. But not everything is like it seems...

    A house that's hardly livable

    There's no mistaking it: this title is a survival horror game, although it hews closer to titles like Amnesia or Clock Tower than to Resident Evil or Silent Hill. In it, you control Viola as she attempts to survive and escape the titular witch's house, solving puzzles and surviving what's in it. Though the game is carefully-paced and eerie much of the time, it does make ample use of jump scares to get the player moving and their heart beating. Throughout all of this, Viola and the player's only companion is a mysterious, talking black cat, and the thin bits of information they can scrape together about Ellen, the house's owner...

    Darkened beauty

    Viola awakens in a forest, with all her paths blocked by inhumanly large roses. Stumbling through the darkness, she creaks open the door to the only thing inside: a mansion of surprises, that responds to her coming with trick and terror in equal measure. From there, The Witch's House presents an impressively made, perhaps overly spacious, mansion that's bigger on the outside than it is on the inside. And it does it all with limited 2D graphics backed up by splurges of high-quality drawn art. These graphics may not appeal to everyone, but for the game's aspirations, they are perfect.

    Then there's the matter of playing the game itself. The Witch's House focuses primarily on puzzles. Some of these are done under duress, such as when you're being pursued, while others allow you to take your time. In all cases, due to the game's top-down perspective and lack of combat, puzzle-solving and thinking is the focus of the gameplay. More accurately, it might be said that "thinking under pressure" is the focus of the gameplay. There are few to no points where the puzzle-solving detracts from the game's presentation, which is perhaps most important of all.

    Most important to the game, though, is the story. Although the basic premise precludes most conversation, you can, if you so choose, find out more or less about the witch and her house. Without giving too much away, the process of doing this is even key to receiving an alternate ending to the game...

    In memory...

    The Witch's House is an impressive experience: better if you're looking for a methodical, survival-focused horror game than one with action or shooter elements. Its limited 2D graphics provide atmosphere however they can, and the storyline fills in the rest. It's an excellent horror game, one that understands how to pace itself. One moment, you'll be slowly and carefully rooming through the house; another, having a shocking realization; and still another, falling away from death.

    Download The Witch's House in Softonic

  • Nero Burning ROM 2017 Burning ROM

    Nero Burning ROM is the CD, DVD and Blu-Ray burning software for the most demanding of users, with its many advanced configuration options.

    Everything you need to burn

    Nero Burning ROM offers everything you need to burn ISO files, as well as copy CD, DVD or Blu-ray data. 

    It can also erase rewritable discs, rip your audio CDs, save ISO images, and split large files into several fragments to be stored on multiple disks. In addition, it supports overburning, and the writing speed is easily configurable. 

    Nero Burning ROM includes support for SecurDisc technology which can password-protect your discs and read CDs in the event of excessive wear or scratches.

    Dated design 

    Less experienced users may initially find the program interface difficult to use due to the large number of advanced options. The design could be improved, but it's not really a key factor for this type of software.

    Powerful software to burn CDs / DVDs / Blu-rays

    In the field of burning, Nero Burning ROM is the most comprehensive program you can find. The recording quality is impeccable, as well as the stability of the program. If you want to opt instead for a free alternative, check out the excellent CDBurnerXP.

    Download Nero Burning ROM 2017 in Softonic

  • Google Chrome 54.0.2840.71-The quickest, smartest browser

    Google Chrome is Google's web browser. With it, you can open web applications and games with no hassle and, above all, quickly. It's the main alternative to Firefox and Internet Explorer.

    More than a browser

    Chrome is a young, fast browser that can browse any web page. It supports all major technologies and standards such as HTML5 and Flash.

    With Google Chrome, as well as loading web pages, you can run complex web applications, like Angry Birds and Chrome Remote Desktop, completely free.

    In short, Chrome is basically designed to be an operating system within an operating system, the window through which you run all your applications. In fact, that's the essence of Chrome OS.

    Private, synchronized browsing

    When connecting to a Google account, Chrome is able to synchronize browsing data and tabs between multiple PCs and devices. It's a very convenient option if you use Chrome for Android or iOS.

    Incognito mode, a browsing mode which doesn't save any file on the hard disk is ideal for privacy: no stored cookies and no images to leave traces.

    Totally personalized experience

    A unique feature of Chrome is its support for multiple users, which allows shared use of Chrome on a single computer - essential if you have visitors who want to go online or if you only have one PC.

    Finally, Google Chrome can be customized and improved through extensions and themes. There are thousands to satisfy all tastes and needs. You can even create them yourself.

    Revolutionary usability

    Google Chrome is a program that's very easy to use. Its single bar, Omnibox, lets you enter web addresses and search Google. Going on what you have written, Google Chrome then suggests results from your browsing history, favorite web sites, or applications you already have installed.

    Another key point that highlights Chrome's usability is the quick start page, where you can access the sites you visit the most, your favorite web applications, or recently closed tabs (on your PC or on other devices you have synced).

    Finally, the Google Chrome options panel is a single page where you can instantly find the settings you want to change. It's much more pleasant to use than the typical window full of tabs that you'll see in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

    Clearing browsing data is easy. Go to the Google Chrome Tools menu and in Optionsopen the Advanced panel. There, click the Clear Browsing Databutton, and choose the time period and the type of data you want to delete.

    When it comes to the Incognito mode, it's activated from the Tools menu or by pressing Control+Shift+N. You'll see how the window changes its appearance subtly to show that you're now browsing without saving data to your PC.

    Exceptional performance and compatibility

    From a system perspective, with its V8 engine Google Chrome is at the top of the competition when it comes to comparative speed. This performance improves with each version.

    Compatible with all web standards such as HTML5 and Flash, Chrome loads PDF files with its own viewer. You don't need to worry about installing plugins or changing any options: Chrome does it all.

    Special care on safety issues

    When browsing, security is of utmost importance; Google Chrome filters pages that have viruses so you don't access them and it also loads each tab separately, so if a page becomes unstable, it doesn't shut down the browser.

    Today, it's the best on the market

    More and more people are using Google Chrome as their primary browser. Its attractive design, superior speed and customization options make it a strong candidate to take the lead in the browser market.

    The best alternatives? Only Opera and Firefox can hope to compete.

    Download Google Chrome 54.0.2840.71 in Softonic

  • Snagit 13.0.2-The king of screen capture gets even better

    Snagit is the king of screen capture software and has gotten even better with this update to version 11.


    If you take a lot of screenshots for creating tutorials, Snagit 11 is better than ever. Snagit 11 still has smart window detection so you can automatically select to capture a window or part of the window so you don't have to spend time cropping the image.

    New features

    For a long time, Snagit was only used to capture and annotate still images but that changes with Snagit 11. The biggest feature update for this version is the ability to capture video. You can now create screencasts using Snagit and upload them directly to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, an FTP server, or

    While Snagit can capture video and voice for screencasts, don't expect the full range of editing features that you find in TechSmith's dedicated screencast application, Camtasia Studio. Snagit 11 aims to make sharing short video tutorials easy. If you want more professional results for your screencasts, give Camtasia Studio a try.

    Another big feature upgrade that you'll find in Snagit 11 is the ability to download more stamps and other annotation tools. If the current set of annotation tools aren't to your fancy, just hit the "get more" link inside the app to be taken to TechSmith's website. You can also download plugins for sharing on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and many more.

    Snagit 11 also features improved text capture. If you take a screenshot of some text, Snagit automatically detects it and throws it into the Snagit Editor. From there, you can easily export it to whatever text editing program you'd like such as Microsoft Word, Notepad, and Evernote.

    Overall, Snagit 11 is a great update for an already amazing program but those running Snagit 10 may not need the new features introduced in this version.

    If you don't want or need better text capture, easy social sharing, or video capture, Snagit 10 will work just fine.

    Download Snagit 13.0.2 in Softonic

  • Camtasia Studio 9.0.0-Capture, edit and share any type of video

    Camtasia Studio is a popular screen capturing and recording tool for Windows PCs.

    A flexible screen recording solution

    As one of the highly-regarded screen recording programs out there, Camtasia Studio offers a flexible, friendly working environment and smooth workflow that reduces the learning curve and editing time to the minimum.

    It's actually quite easy to produce video using Camtasia Studio. Through the thorough documentation provided with the program, as well as an intuitive, three stage creation process that includes recording, then editing and producing, you'll be able to document your progress and also find help in the event that you end up getting stuck.

    In the first stage, Camtasia Studio provides you with a dedicated built-in tool to record images from your screen. The Camtasia Recorder features many different options to customize your recording settings: use the whole screen or a user-defined area, add cursor effects, record audio as well, and grab the image source from your webcam, among others.

    The second stage that involves editing begins when your recording is finished. Camtasia Studio offers a varied range of tools to personalize your video. You can draw attention to a certain area with different callouts (including cool animated sketches), add more information with on-screen text captions or make it more eye-catching with transition effects, to name just a few. Both the Clip Bin and the Library in Camtasia Studio will ease the task of choosing media files to use on your video. The audio editor, on the downside, is a bit more limited, with only a few tools to level volume, reduce noise and optimize voice.

    Finally, the production stage is last. Camtasia Studio makes it really easy, even if you've never used video editors before. Simply choose one of the included presets in the Production Wizard and follow the steps. Camtasia Studio will help you choose the appropriate codec, resolution, size and other details, and will finally render your video. And of course, you can export directly from Camtasia Studio to YouTube and work with HD video as well.

    Camtasia Studio 8 comes with a load of new features. Some are nearly invisible, fixes to bugs and other more "under the hood" tweaks. Others, such as the new ability to group and ungroup items on the timeline, will make your screen capture and recording experience a whole lot more user-friendly.

    Easy to add a personal touch to videos

    Camtasia Studio has lots of added perks that give you even more ways to make your videos unique. These include the ability to apply visual effects to a media on the timeline, the ability to adjust Drop Shadow distance, direction, opacity, and blur, and new borders that can now be added to any media, then later adjusted to the color and thickness of your choosing.

    Great for both pros and consumers

    Whether you're out to make professional screencasts or just need a tool to record videos, Camtasia Studio is a great option for just about anyone.

    Download Camtasia Studio 9.0.0 in Softonic