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Windows Latest software reviews (Windows): Softonic

Windows Windows Latest software reviews (Windows) (Windows): Softonic

Windows Windows Latest software reviews (Windows) (Windows): Softonic

  • Dark Souls III Dark Souls 3-Prepare to tri?

    Retaining the same difficulty, style, and tone as the rest of the franchise, Dark Soul III continues From Software’s medieval fantasy, action-RPG series.

    Dark Souls III is the conclusion of the trilogy – though interviews with director Hidetaka Miazaki (via VG247) have confirmed that this won’t mean the end of the franchise.

    Back to its roots

    Dark Souls III’s story revolves around the Lord of Cinder. This calls back to the first Dark Souls, once again picking up the theme of fire, darkness, and cycles.

    This more explicit referencing of original Dark Souls lore could be Hidetaka Miazaki influence. The original game’s director has returned to co-directing this third installment. This will be good news for some fans, who cited his absence as a weakness for Dark Souls II.

    In keeping with this, Dark Souls III maintains the franchise's signature fantasy style of desiccated beauty - a once gorgeous world now collapsing, and shrouded in shadow. This is clear from the outset, with every richly designed environment seeming to be overgrown and crumbling as embers float through the world and a dim, dying sun sets in the distance.

    Dark Souls III’s land of Lothric is a more linear world than previous games. Though there are some branches, the critical path through the story feels far more direct. There is a hub area, that is reminiscent of Demon’s Souls', but returning to it using the Travel option at bonfires feels more like going back to the beginning rather than providing an exciting place to explore from.

    Once more into the darkness

    In terms of gameplay, From Software seems to have learned from the weapon system that it introduced in its PlayStation exclusive title, Bloodborne. While the combat remains heavy and paced - with patience and defensive play still a virtue – Dark Souls III feels faster.

    It also introduces a new magic system that ties spells and miracles to a mana bar. This is consumed as you play, but can be topped up with a new Ashen Estus Flask. This works identically to the health regenerating Estus Flask seen in previous games, but now you must decide the balance of uses you have in each. Yes, you can trade health for mana, allowing magic users to play more aggressively.

    The mana bar and Ashen Flask are also used by more melee focused fighters. New combat styles and stances are available for every weapon and consume mana to use. This adds more variety to fights, with substantive differences between weapons increasing tactical options.

    For example, a light Rapier’s unique stance allows for fast execution of multiple moves. By comparison, a Great Sword lets you shoulder charge, before launching opponents in to the air with a powerful upward swing.

    Burning bright

    Dark Souls III carries on the series lineage brilliantly. Evolving the combat mechanics utilizing everything learned across its games, From Software has created new dynamics within the familiar system that should force everyone think. Combine this with a less obtuse story - that ties together threads that fans have been pondering for years - and you have a game that is perfect for veterans while also managing to be accessible for newcomers.

    Download Dark Souls III Dark Souls 3 in Softonic

  • HyperTerminal Private Edition (HTPE) 7.0-Perfect terminal emulation with HyperTerminal Private Edition HTPE

    Terminal emulation allows a user to make one computer appear and behave like a certain terminal on a network. This technology is useful when constructing networks. HyperTerminal Private Edition HTPE is a program for just this task a terminal emulation program able to connect to systems through Dial-Up Modems COM ports and TCP/IP Networks. The software has even won awards making it worth the very reasonable price.

    Make connecting to TCP/IP networks easy.

    HyperTerminal Private Edition HTPE is able to do pretty much any terminal emulation task. You can use serial COM ports to communicate directly to a wide range of devices or use a dial-up modem to connect to modem systems. With this software you can use a TCP/IP network to connect to systems on the internet or your network using Telnet or Secure Shell (SSH). The software is not pretty however. It's quite clunky and grey looking like programs from ten years ago. The interface could be much more streamlined. Nevertheless it does the job well.

    Old school terminal access.

    HyperTerminal Private Edition HTPE is pretty old in appearance but is updated regularly and still has its uses. It's highly specialised and effective at terminal emulation. In many regards it's a tool first and user-friendly second but this is unlikely to affect those who know what they're doing.

    Download HyperTerminal Private Edition (HTPE) 7.0 in Softonic

  • Titanfall 2-New first person shooter from Electronic Arts

    Electronic Art's Titanfall was a monumental success, now experience the follow up sequel that is sure to make the same impact: Titanfall 2. Pick up your weapons, call down your massive Titan war machine and join the battle on the frontier! Better options, improved graphics and more customization makes this Titanfall the best Titanfall yet!

    Massive feature and customization upgrade from the original

    The Titan fall franchise puts the player on Frontier, a newly found and developing planet on the fringes of space. Complete objectives and fight in a first person view from a first person perspective with a variety of tools, weapons and abilities. Fight the fight on foot, or else up your game by calling down a massive Titan from space. Titans are giant robotic war machines featuring devastating weapons and defenses. Pilot the Titan directly, or give them commands remotely as you follow on foot using your personal skills. Combat in Titanfall 2 is fast, furious and brutal. In the original, play was limited to online matches, now a single player campaign and story mode have been added to flesh out Frontier and give more options for play. Level your character up, unlock new equipment and one of nine titans, six of them brand new. Customize your player with new abilities to successfully complete objectives. play through the battle how you want and help decide the battle for Frontier!

    Looks and sounds better than everything else

    Titanfall 2 is a AAA title by Electronic Arts and as such has graphics and production value on par with the very best in the industry. Smooth game play and incredible abilities allow your player to literally go anywhere they can see inside the confines of the map. Multiple maps to play are all gorgeous with destructible environments which will, inevitably, be destroyed. Stare in wonder as Titan's heavy weapons lay waste to enemies and buildings alike. The effects and sound track are all spot on giving the player a visceral gaming experience. Now more cosmetic customization options are available as well, nose art and colors for your titans as well as your own personal equipment. When you take to the field of battle, you will look the way you want as well as play the way you want. All upgrades are un-lockable by playing the game. Each map is varied and detailed, making both single player and online match-ups beautiful to behold. This is one great looking game


    Titanfall 2 is a state of the art first person shooter with advancement made in every area from it's predecessor. More customization, more weapon options, more maps and a single player mode will make this game shine for more players than it attracted in its first iteration. Electronic Arts has created a fantastic game and an amazing game world. Pick your gear, summon your titan and join the fight!

    Download Titanfall 2 in Softonic

  • Guedin's Attack on Titan Fan Game 0.1.1-Free Game for Adventure Fans

    Guedin's Attack on Titan Fan Game is a special fan game that has been created as a tribute to the very popular Attack on Titan series. While the game remains true to the originals, there are plenty of unique twists and features that fans are sure to appreciate.

    Get Ready for Attack

    Unlike many fan games, Guedin's Attack on Titan Fan Game boasts stunning graphics that are true to the original series and really help to draw players in. the graphics run well even on computers that have low specs and help fans to immerse themselves fully in this very detailed world. the game comes complete with a training mode that puts players through their paces and allows them to pick up the required skills in a natural way before they are really put to the test and have to use their newfound skills.

    Are You a True Titan Fan?

    One of the cool things about Guedin's Attack on Titan Fan Game is that it comes complete with a multiplayer version that allows fans to get together and do battle like never before. However, people who are not familiar with the Attack on the Titan games may not be able to appreciate this game to the full and may want to spend time exploring the original games before taking Guedin's Attack on Titan Fan Game out for a spin.

    More about Guedin's Attack on Titan Fan Game

    Download Guedin's Attack on Titan Fan Game 0.1.1 in Softonic

  • The Joy of Creation: Reborn TJoC:R Demo Preview-Thrills and frights aplenty with the Joy of Creation Reborn

    A free roaming PC game, The Joy of Creation Reborn is not for the faint of heart because it will shock and scare even the toughest and most hardened of players. Based on 'Five Night at Freddy’s', the action takes place in a gloomy house at night when it is difficult to see everything that is going on.

    Immersive game play

    Reminiscent of the spookiest parts of a horror movie, where the central character explores an area where you know the outcome is not going to be great, the action in The Joy of Creation Reborn is all displayed in the first person. The full screen is devoted to game play with only an overlay in the top left which displays the key stats of the level you happen to be on. The basic principle is to try to survive while being hunted down by an animatronic or other characters, but there are plenty of things to keep you occupied as the game play progresses.

    The Joy of Creation Reborn really makes you feel that you are being tracked down in an all-encompassing environment that is likely to put you on edge, if not downright scare you. With only a limited view, anything that you come across as you explore the gaming area seems as though it could be a threat. The idea of each location in the game is that it offers a new and different space to search through. And search through you must, because there are a number of objects to find to complete each game objective, or level. The game also offers a Survival Mode, where you simply try to hang on in the location for as long as you possibly can. The more you explore, the more there is to find and remember that not all of it is out there to shock you – although some certainly will.

    Graphics and technical information

    The graphics of this game are simply superb. Forget the average blocky graphics and animation of a typical download game – this is much more like watching a professionally made horror movie than playing a game. The thrills are enhanced by some incredibly spooky sounds and the customized music fof Nathan Hanover which fits in with the eerie atmosphere perfectly. Due to the high demands of the graphics and sound, a decent computer is essential. You'll need to run Windows 7 or higher and have a PC with a Quad-core Intel processor, or the AMD equivalent, running at 2.5 GHz or greater. At least 4 GB of RAM is recommended and your graphics card will, needless to say, have to be high quality.

    In summary

    This game is really not one for children or people that don't enjoy the shock factor of horror and gore. However, for fans who want to act out their fantasies of entering into a movie-like environment, then it is hard to beat. Whether you are avoiding a killer robot or searching for some much-needed light, the game is really easy into interface with. Download it right now and discover just how chilling a free roaming game can actually be these days.

    Download The Joy of Creation: Reborn TJoC:R Demo Preview in Softonic

  • Al Quran for Windows 10 to Islamic Scripture with Al Quran for Windows 10

    Al Quran for Windows 10 is an app that will allow you to play audio files of some of the key portions of Islamic holy text from the convenience of your PC. Once you have installed it, you will be able to access the sound files with or without an Internet connection.

    A Quick and Accessible Source of Religious Inspiration

    Al Quran for Windows 10 features a collection of some of the most widely-read portions of the Quran. Here, you will find many of the pieces of text that have given inspiration and guidance to countless practitioners of the Islamic faith across the ages. But the app is more than just text: it includes audio of the relevant chapters being read out in melodious recitation. This makes the app the perfect choice if you want to hear the Quran being read aloud while you are on your own.

    A Collection of the Most Beloved Texts of the Quran

    Al Quran for Windows 10 bills itself as offering 'common surahs in rare melody', and so features a selection of some of the most commonly-recited surahs, including partial surahs. Al Quran for Windows 10 has multiple different readers reciting its surahs, with each audio file presented in high quality. This makes the app your perfect starting point when it comes to religious inspiration on a daily basis.

    Download Al Quran for Windows 10 in Softonic

  • Anaconda 5.0.0-Python-based data science platform

    Anaconda is a data science platform based around the Python coding language. The primary purpose of this package is to enable organisations to successfully secure, interpret, scale and store data that is critical for their daily operations. It is estimated that more than 4.5 million users have already downloaded this package.

    Functions and Usability

    Anaconda is an enterprise-level software bundle that provides a host of innovative options to the end user. A handful of core benefits include enhanced interdepartmental collaboration, the ability to reproduce data, superior scalability and multiple layers of security. Another primary feature of this package is that it enables organisations to better manage and interpret big data; a key factor for success within the modern business environment. It employs a number of data sources to guarantee redundancy. These include (but are not limited to) cloud-based storage, SQL, NoSQL and Flat Files.

    Additional Tools and Accessories

    Anaconda is modular in nature, so it can be adjusted depending upon the needs of the organisation in question. As it fosters real-time collaboration, levels of in-house efficiency will likewise be improved. Users can enjoy real-time technical support during the deployment of open-source code and as Anaconda is fully compatible with the Python language, the overall learning curve has been dramatically reduced.

    Download Anaconda 5.0.0 in Softonic

  • Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days 2017-Get Dirty in Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days

    Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is a strategy shooter that drops you right into the world of Quentin Tarantino's cult classic. Get ready for an experience were all morals are passé, and the only way to get ahead is through lies, guns, and ruthlessness. Do you have what it takes, or will you end up stuck in the middle...?

    Step into the World of the Reservoir Dogs

    Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days features six controllable characters, all drawn from the film: Mr. Blonde, Mr. Blue, Mr. Brown, Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink and Mr. White. Your task is to guide these hardened criminals through eighteen heists, and you will need to keep your wits about you. The action unfolds in real time, but with twenty different weapons at your disposal, you will have sufficient equipment to survive. Rob banks, carry out daring crimes, and if you play your cards right, get away with all the loot you need.

    Time to Rewind

    One of the most innovative aspects of Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is its time rewind mechanic. Once you have given orders to one character, you will be able to 'rewind' as you get a second character involved. So, for example, if the first character's actions get him shot by the police, you will be able to assign a second character the job of dealing with the cops; once you have rewound, the first character will survive.

    Download Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days 2017 in Softonic

  • UNITALE 2.0.1-A difficult and free RPG and puzzle game set in 2D

    UNITALE is a game made with very basic game designing software that allows you to play in a 2D environment. Make your way through the story by selecting actions to take with the very basic menu system. The game is not very old, but it was designed with very simple game-developing software that makes it look old.

    Choose a path and choose an option

    UNITALE puts you into a story where you may select options that are presented to you, which sometimes includes being able to choose from the menu at the bottom that says, “Fight”, “Act”, “Item” and “Mercy.” The backgrounds, game objects and characters have a very 2D style to them to the point where they look as if they were drawn on Microsoft Paint. The game is vaguely similar to “Quest for Glory,” which is the game you see Josh (the young boy) playing on his computer in the Tom Hanks movie called “Big.”

    Unusual in a way that some people find attractive

    UNITALE does not contain an epic story, nor does it have game mechanics that are overly exciting. This game is mostly for people who are interested in seeing what a new developer has come up with on what is a very basic programming and game-designing tool. The redeeming feature that sets it apart from simply playing older games instead of this one is that it has modern references in it, such as a fight with the teddy from “Five Nights At Freddy’s”.

    Download UNITALE 2.0.1 in Softonic

  • ASUS Smart Gesture 4.0.12-Update the ASUS trackpad driver for free

    ASUS Smart Gesture is a free driver update available for ASUS laptops that experienced gesture control issues after updating their operating systems to Windows 10. Though Windows 10 provides users with a brand new computing experience complete with improved features, the update also brought small bugs to existing laptops computers, namely the absence of gesture controls for trackpads. The ASUS Smart Gesture aims to repair the problem and return trackpads back to their former glory.

    A simple update

    The ASUS Smart Gesture driver update is available to all ASUS users who have experienced problems with their trackpads and others looking to stay up-to-date with patches for bug experienced in the last update. The updated driver is easy to download and install and can be found in the Windows device manager once the download is complete. In some instances, the old driver must first be removed in order to install the new update. Once this is completed, however, the driver will function normally.

    Easy access

    Once the driver is updated and installed, users will have access to its control menu in the bottom right-hand corner of their menu bar. From here, gestures can be set in order to maximize trackpad performance and increase its functionality. Not only will it be smooth and responsive when tapped, it also offers gestures like 2-finger scroll, tap to right-click and more. For those looking to keep their ASUS laptop up-to-date, the ASUS Smart Gesture driver is an important download.

    Download ASUS Smart Gesture 4.0.12 in Softonic

  • Smart Notebook 1.0-Create better lesson plans and student engagement

    Smart Notebook is an app and service that features a suite of tools for teachers and educators to better organize and prepare lesson plans for their students. Designed with educators in mind, Smart Notebook can be used in the classroom or at home to create unique, engaging lessons that students can interact with through a classroom’s SMART Board. With free lesson material, teachers have access to 350,000 different resources to draw from to create better lesson plans.All of these features and more can be accessed fright from Notebook.

    Teach smarter

    Creating lesson plans can be a difficult task when you’ve got a classroom full of children, but with Smart, it’s easy to organize resources and come up with a plan that students can engage with. Lessons in Smart Notebook can be sent directly to your classroom SMART Board where students can view and interact with the material. Teachers can record lessons so that students can watch them back at their own pace from a mobile device, such as an iPad. Because a Notebook subscription lets you install the suite o up to four different computers, teachers can even prepare these lessons from their home before uploading relevant content to the SMART Board.

    Unique lessons

    With Smart Notebook, you can tailor your lessons to your students. That means incorporating different learning styles into a presentation, such as YouTube video embedding, the integration of sound files, images and more. There is no end to the possibilities it provides to both students and teachers.

    Download Smart Notebook 1.0 in Softonic

  • Glyph 1.103.970.0-A free gaming platform that allows you to play games

    Glyph is a gaming platform that you install on your computer. It allows you to play games that were produced by Trion Worlds, which includes a small number of free games. If you have this tool installed, then you do not need to log into an online account to play Trion Worlds games.

    No always-online requirement for single-player games

    Once you have Glyph installed, you are able to play games produced by Trion Worlds, and you are able to play some of the single-player games without needing to be online all the time. The games you are able to play are DRM-free, which means you may download and install them on whichever device you happen to be using. Just like Steam, you have a library of games that are linked with your account, and you may download the ones that are considered yours. You may also uninstall the games, and they are still available to you for download whenever you need them again.

    A gaming platform that may be around for a while

    Many developers have tried to come up with their own DRM-free gaming platform in order to compete with Steam, and many gaming platforms have fizzled out shortly after setting up. Glyph may be around for a while because Trion Worlds games are popular, and they have the lure of numerous free games that may be added and played. The lure of not needing an Internet connection to play is not new, but it is a welcome change from what other developers have tried to do.

    Download Glyph 1.103.970.0 in Softonic

  • EasyBilling Software 4.8.0-Software that Helps Create a Variety of Business Documents

    EasyBilling Software helps prepare invoices, receipts, quotations, packing slips, delivery notes, and plenty other business documents.

    Easy to Use

    EasyBilling Software only needs customer and item information to generate print- and user-ready documents. It takes care of document’s layout, pagination, etc. The documents created can be easily exported into HTML, Excel and PDF formats. The software provides support for different kinds of documents, which includes quotations, tax invoices, proforma invoices, purchase orders, debit notes, packing lists, etc. The business tool can be altered to fit any company’s documentation requirements. Your company’s logo, label, header, footer, colour, etc. could feature in the documents to set a desired feel and look. Also, certain fields such as tax, discount, shipping, etc. can be hidden.

    Comprehensive Reporting

    Payment and sales information can be traced by customers monthly from any part of the world. Monthly statements can be created for customers, listing the transaction amount and invoice number. The ‘raw data export’ feature can be used to export all fields of a document into Excel. Also, every field can be exported into an excel file for advanced analysis. Individual EasyBilling Software could be set for using a workspace folder in a shared folder or network drive. Data could be shared between different computers in EasyBilling. To mitigate data conflict, the database is locked to a single connection. At the same time, other EasyBilling setups would be blocked for access.

    Download EasyBilling Software 4.8.0 in Softonic

  • Intel® XDK 1816-Create Smartphone and Tablet Apps Using JavaScript and HTML5

    Intel XDK is a cross-platform environment for mobile application development that lets people create apps for mobile phones and tablet computers using only JavaScript and HTML5.

    Single Code Base

    Intel XDK provides one code base to create mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Amazon, Tizen and Nook. The aim is to make one source code compatible across multiple mobile operating systems. The platform tries to simplify the process by embracing all target platforms possible and puts them into a single package. Intel XDK mobile applications are written in HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Mobile apps written using web languages are referred to as hybrid apps. The objective is to provide an app development environment for all mobile and native web developers, thereby enabling cross-platform app creation.

    Solves Quite a Few Problems

    The platform tries to solve several major issues of enterprises and individual developers. All types of web developers who are familiar with JavaScript, HTML and CSS can develop apps. There is no need for learning new languages or acquire special skills. The development costs go down as freelance employees and enterprises only have to hire developers with a single skill set. The development speed, on the other hand, goes up. Intel XDK blends debugging, testing and tool building into an integrated solution, which increases developers’ productivity. There is no time wasted switching between different tools.

    Download Intel® XDK 1816 in Softonic

  • DBAN (Darik's Boot and Nuke) 2.2.8 Beta-Free software package to automatically erase hard drives

    DBAN is a software package that automatically erases any information contained within a hard drive. This can be used when personal information has been compromised or when all data needs to be wiped before a used computer is sold to a third party. As opposed to other techniques, this bundle virtually guarantees that such information can never be recovered.

    Core Functions and Applications

    DBAN can be booted as soon as the computer is activated. However, it is most commonly saved as an ISO file onto a DVD or CD. This will then be inserted into the computer when required. There are several ways that this software can be used. The most common is to access the blue screen upon activation and to press F2. The user will then be guided through a step-by-step process. There is also a final warning that all data will be erased. Therefore, potentially fatal mistakes can be avoided.

    Additional Details

    DBAN is associated with a total file size of 15.1 megabytes, so it does not require much memory. The current version has been designed to work with Windows 8.1 operating systems. Please note that earlier systems are not compatible. Six different methods of deletion are offered to the end user.

    Download DBAN (Darik's Boot and Nuke) 2.2.8 Beta in Softonic

  • I may die! 2017-Free Game for Platform Fans

    I may die is a classic platform game that has been created in the retro style. Players take on the role of an animated gummy bear, which needs to be steered to safety through a labyrinth of different obstacles with the main objective trying to keep the gummy bear alive for as long as possible.

    Try to Stay Alive

    There is an engaging back story to I may die that helps to create a cool hook. Willie the green gummy bear has his sights set on soaring through the sky, although he has been cursed with more than his fair share of clumsiness. Therefore, it is up to players to help guide Willy from the depths of a dark and mysterious cave and onto the land once more. there are lots of different obstacles to overcome such as spikes and pits filled with lava and it is essential to figure out the best way to avoid the obstacles quickly to save Willie’s life.

    Grin and Bear It

    With its cool graphics and original storyline, I may die is sure to appeal to a wide range of different types of gamers. The ease of game play and the addictive nature of the game are sure to keep many people coming back for more, while the nod to some of the older games will not be wasted on retro game lovers.

    Download I may die! 2017 in Softonic

  • Pokémon: Generations-Series of Pokemon animated short cartoons

    Pokémon: Generations is a series of short animations that were inspired by the original game. As the creators stated, the intention of this bundle was to provide more in-depth plots and storylines than would have been impossible through standard game development. 18 individual episodes were produced. Each was released between September and December 2016.

    Main Features and Differences from the Series

    Fans of Pokémon: Generations are likely to notice that there are some differences in regards to the animation of this version when compared to the 2013 anime film. However, most have observed that any discrepancies are negligible. One interesting feature is that each episode is between three and five minutes long while the trailers themselves provide in-depth previews. Many believe that shorter episodes allow players and fans to create their own backstories. Quality voice acting and impressive levels of action tend to round out this series.

    Additional Information

    Pokémon: Generations are obviously free to watch and download. In fact, the entire series is said to be directly available through YouTube. While all of the main characters are featured, some fans feel that the latter episodes lacked plot lines that stuck to the original concept. It is not yet known whether an updated series of Pokémon: Generations will be made available to the public.

    Download Pokémon: Generations in Softonic

  • ZenMate Desktop VPN Free and Simple VPN Tool for Security and Privacy Online

    ZenMate Desktop VPN is a simple and free VPN tool offering secure encryption, browsing privacy, malware protection, web unblocking and built-in data compression features.

    Holistic VPN Solution

    ZenMate Desktop VPN is not another VPN service provider. It’s more of a holistic solution to secure and safeguard user activity online. Besides offering the aforementioned services, the VPN also blocks malicious sites and compresses data on all online traffic, helping save money on bills. Also, the tool uses inbuilt accelerators and custom connection protocols to offer snappy performance to all its users. The VPN offers protection from hackers by encrypting online traffic. This means you can make your laptop secure from vulnerable with a single click. Moreover, ZenMate Desktop VPN launches itself automatically as soon as you start your device, making sure you are protected right off the bat. If VPN tends to skip your mind every time you turn on your computer, this feature should come in handy.

    Available on All Platforms

    The VPN is available on all major platforms: Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. There are browser extensions available too. Downloadable directly from the official store, the Android version has tracking and anti-malware protection that can be easily activated. The VPN has its servers in more than 28 countries, which includes the United States, UK, Singapore, Europe, etc. The service provider also doesn’t log traffic, which reflects the company’s commitment toward user privacy.

    Download ZenMate Desktop VPN in Softonic

  • Free Crop Video 1.06-Crop your videos for free

    Free Crop Video is a program developed for Windows that allows users to crop their videos manually or by resizing the video frame. Designed for users who wish to subtly remove unwanted parts of their videos or to bring attention to important shots, Free Crop Video can do both and it’s free to download. For users who aren’t familiar with editing software or advanced video editing tools, it’s a great option to get the job done in a simple, intuitive way with basic video editing tools.

    Simple video cropping

    Free Crop Video is designed to do exactly what it says, but there’s no need to worry if you aren’t already a savvy video editor. In fact, only a basic knowledge of video editing is required to get the results you desire, and with Crop Video’s variety of basic tools, it can be done in a flash, regardless of file type. With support for file types including MPG, MOV, AVI and more, it’s the perfect choice for most users. Whether manually cropping by using crop coordinates or resizing a video frame, you can also view your file before exporting the final product.


    Free Crop Video’s UI is both accessible and user-friendly, offers different customization options before exporting. Users can change settings, like quality, bitrate and encoding parameters, before finally choosing one of two file types to export to.

    Download Free Crop Video 1.06 in Softonic

  • Apache Maven 3.5.0-A free software project management and comprehension tool

    Apache Maven Project is a software project management and comprehension tool that is based on the POM (Project Object Model) concept, which allows the user to manage a project’s reporting, documentation, and the overall build from a centralized piece of information. This tool takes some of the tedious work out of project development.

    Built to make building easier

    Apache Maven Project helps to create a more uniform build system so that the build process itself is easier. It helps provide and show guidelines for best practices development, it provides needed project information, and it allows new features to be migrated in a more transparent manner. Many people use this management and comprehension tool with a variety of different Java projects because it may help speed up the project packaging and dependency configurations process. By using plugins and POM files, a developer need not focus on the tedious mechanical side of a project’s implementation.

    Makes it easier for new developers to work

    Apache Maven Project was not built as a shortcut or cheap tool for new developers, but new developers who have a smaller team and fewer funds may be able to compile, package and deploy projects more easily and quickly. It helps user to locate project information easily. This tool also lowers the time required for the user or user’s team to make changes to a project based on new installations.

    Download Apache Maven 3.5.0 in Softonic